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March 29, 2003

According to Andrew Sullivan and other rabid patriots of the Bush regime

"[the anti-war critics]are walking into a political trap of their own making. I believe they are about to make utter fools of themselves one more time."

You must be talking about yourself.

Did you miss the story where the Shia head mullah in Southern Iraq called on the entire arab world to resist the American invaders ? Weren't these people supposed to rise up and hail the Americans as liberators?

What about the apparent "securing" of Basra that turned out to be not so secure at all? And why are the supply lines from Kuwait constantly harassed by guerrillas of civilian teenagers? Certainly these people must know that the Americans are going to get rid of Saddam, why on Earth would they be harrassing our soldiers ? I saw that picture in the San Francisco Chronicle of a good boy GI lighting an Iraqi soldiers cigarette.

I also saw a picture of an Iraqi family posing in front of an American tank with looks that mingled with exasperation and scorn.

Op-ed extraordinaire Jeff Jacoby of the slanderous Boston Globe proclaims this is a just war. He claims that even a human shield Daniel Pepper said "There are lots of people coming out, lots of children and they are applauding. The people . . . shake the hands of American forces who are seen as liberating the city of Basra."

Uhm, well, is that so. How come the UK Guardian reporter Robert Fisk and others in the European and Canadian and United States press disagree with this assessment ? How come there are photos and video of defiant Iraqi citizens that completely refute what Mr. Jacoby seems to think is a fact?

Who was so stupid to think the Iraqi people would trust an American Army invasion when the entire Arab world hates the Americans? Are we going to have to kill the Iraqi people so that they will accept the "democracy" the administration wants to give them in the form of administration friendly contracts? Will the Iraqi People think highly of the American Liberators when their economy is "privatized" to multi-national corporations that are on the Bush administration's friends list ?

According to Brian Whitaker at the UK Guardian newspaper ( SOURCE:,12965,924728,00.html

"Britain's chief military officer in the Gulf, Air Marshal Brian Burridge, yesterday attacked American moves to hand over the running of Iraq's largest port to a company which has a history of bad industrial relations and has faced accusations of union-busting. The firm, Stevedoring Services of American, has been awarded a 3m contract to manage Umm Qasr by the Bush administration. Britain argues that the port should be run by Iraqis once it has been made secure. Another contract in Umm Qasr - for construction work - has gone to a subsidiary of Halliburton, Vice-President Dick Cheney's old firm."

Another misconception offered by the ilk of the mindless patriots for the war concerns the banter of George W. Bush the "selfless" politician with a cause. Accordingly,

"Any politician's career is hardly an important thing compared to the outcome of a war. Bush knows this. He does not care that he is risking all on this. His ultimate goal is life is not political, that is secondary. He has a deeper aspect to him that Clinton -a more "intelligent" president- never had. For Clinton, political victory is the epicenter of the universe. For Bush in this particular, protecting the country is. " (

Oh so Mr. Bush is not using this "war" to distract the public from the rampant corruption of his own administration that appoints political hacks to all posts in the government ... ex-Enron executives, ties with multiple-linking Energy consortiums, lawyers for multi-national and financial industry lobbyist organizations, ex-Military contractor consultants. In 2001, this administration protested that the California Energy crisis was not at all being caused by market manipulation while Dick Cheney sneared a mouthful about Energy conservation. Meanwhile, California efforts at conserving energy helped ameliorate the crisis, and then in 2003 the manipulation of the market by energy companies friendly to the administration was proved.

The first act passed after 9-11 was the "Economic Stimulus Act" which gave tax rebates to all of the oil, energy, and chemical industry friends of the Bush-Cheney administration so slavishly, that taxes from previous years were even returned by the legislation.

Can you say CORRUPTION ? At least now the president is not getting blow jobs in the White House.

Oh and Bush protected the country when his recent budget offers no assistance to the states and the ports and the airports to effectively counter possible terrorism. That's right ... nothing. The Bush budget spends less on Homeland Security. The Bush budget reduces the spending for veteran's health care by 11 million.

Ah, but hell we need to give millionaires $92,000 a piece so they can "grow" the economy, even though the last tax cut (and the Reagan tax cut) went into the piggy bank called investment portfolio, which only gains interest and collects dividends but provides little if any "investment." In case you didn't know, companies don't fund their "growth" from investment portfolios. They get loans from banks and use the factories or stores or warehouses constructed as the collateral. The tax cut is only growing the pocketbooks of the people whose pocketbooks are already big and fine, and our legislators know this.

The Clinton administration (for all of its faults) hunted down Al Quada and told the Bush Adminstration of the dangers. But Bush sat on his hands and did nothing, meanwhile plotting for ways to use the events for his own corporate friends advantage. Go visit CharleyReese (a conservative who despised Clinton a slicky political hypocrite) if you think this is just another liberal whine.

Is the Clinton punching bag all you got ? Find another toy to beat up on, that one is getting damn old.

Ashcroft reduced the amount of Justice Department staff working on Terrorist networks despite being so knowledgable about what was coming that HE STOPPED FLYING IN PLANES BEGINNING IN AUGUST 2001. That's a fucking fact you don't get from the so-called liberal media.

Bush halted the FBI investigation into the Bin-Laden family organizations in the USA. Another fact you don't get from the so-called liberal media.

Where's the Anthrax mailer who forced the evacuation of the Congress with scrawled notes from "Iraq" ? Basic forensic chemical analysis indicates the strains of anthrax in those letters had to come from someone inside the US military. They could have only been produced by 4 persons who had access and know-how to produce the amount of anthrax sent in those letters. But the FBI is so inept that it cannot figure this out until an independent researcher Barbara Hatch Rosenberg at the Federation of American Scientists pointed this out so much that she was asked to "shut up" ? (

I'm so glad that the liberal media is still all over that story. I mean the fucking Congress had to be evacuated for Christ's sake. And wasn't that all the media talked about from October to January 2001-2002 ?

What about the commission that was supposed to investigate the 9-11 ineptitude ? And why was Henry Kissinger appointed(Henry Kissinger of all people) , only to resign because uhm, well he is a highly paid oil oligarchy consultant for "legal services" ?

And how come the liberal media is not screaming about the funding to the 9-11 commission being CUT to the Bone? A fact that the organization of 9-11 victims is very angry about?

The NY Firefighters are angry too because Bush the liar promised financial aid in front of the microphone, but offered nothing when the fine print was put on the legislation.

Remember Stormin Norman Schwarzkopf ? The general of the Last Gulf War is against this stupid, imbecile war.

The documents used to support the war turn out to be "faked" but the administration sees this as no consequence? The administration knew of the CIA's doubts but cared to ignored them for what reasons ? There are many analysts in the diplomatic corps and the intelligence corps who are angered by the administrations insistance that they provide "justifiable" documents.

The cheerleading can stop. The game is over. It's not about democracy, it's a political maneuver.

Afghanistan is now so democratic, that the US forces there are still mopping up those lone resistance groups who apparently don't believe the "appointed" ex-oil executive Hamid Karzai is their President.

How much do they pay these guys to put out these lies ? You can't really be this stupid.

Oh well, there are those who eat shit and think it is filet mignon. And that's fine but we are talking about young American soldiers and Iraqi civilians who are going to die because of this war that is more about colonialism than it is about freedom.

I support the troops. I just don't support this war because it is based on lies. I think Saddam is a brutal man, but the Sanctions imposed on Iraq and the constant bombing raids over the last 10 years were not less brutal to the same people who live in Iraq. When didn't starve Saddam, but we did starve the people. Likewise, we aren't bombing and shooting at Saddam. We are killing and maiming the innocent Iraqi people, and carving up the loot to the administrations corporate friends.

Am I un-patriotic if I find this to be sickening and despicable?

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